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Why AYE-D.NET is needed


Every employer is responsible for providing safe work equipment. It is therefore a legal requirement that regular checks are carried out in accordance with Industrial Safety Regulations (BetrSichV).

AYE-D.NET offers you straightforward digital maintenance and analysis of your resources. You will also be able to manage product data, test reports and documents. AYE-D.NET has been openly designed.


This allows a wide variety of equipment to be managed and tested.


Time & cost plan

Overview of time and cost savings with the testing software AYE-D.NET

*Identification without AYE-D.NET:

Identification of 10,000 components:

10,000 x 10 minutes = 100,000 minutes

= 1666,67 hours

**Identification with AYE-D.NET:

Identification of 10,000 components:

10,000 x 3 seconds = 500 minutes

= 8,33 hours

Savings potential

  • Medium company size: € 300-600k
  • Large companies: € 5-7 million

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